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VIP Ranks

Golem_Leader - June 1st, 2023

There are two main ways to get one of the eleven VIP ranks in Sky Eden: a VIP Rank Coupon, or by donating to the server.

Upon donating any amount of money, you receive the rank Scout. This more or less expands upon the base powers of the Sky Pilot rank a little bit. That said, you can donate at any time to receive the VIP ranks: before or after Sky Pilot, and before or after the celestial ranks.

Every $10 donation during/afterwards, however, allows you to obtain a VIP Rank-Up coupon. This gives you permission to rank up to even higher ranks, reaching /fly, /thru, and other nifty fun commands! It caps at $100, but you can still get perks from buying certain donation packs! It does stack; If you donate $60 at one time, you get 6 VIP Coupons. However, to get a VIP coupon you must donate at least $10 each time.

VIP ranks also come with a Gear Chest, which has some VIP-only items inside along with other goodies. Even scout has a Gear Chest.

Donating is a great way to support our server. Consider helping us and getting a bonus in return! You can donate here.

VIP Coupons can also be obtained in other events, especially larger events, albeit in small quantities, and are often rare. Snag them when you can!

Without further ado, here are the VIP ranks!

Scout - Nothing (SkyPilot+, if you will)

GearHead - Egg all mobs!

Alchemist - 4 rows of /pv, and multiple homes!

Navigator - /fly!

SkyFighter - /thru, /ascend, /descend, /jump...

SkyKnight - /tpahere, /tppos!

Aeromancer - 5 rows of /pv, and even more homes!

Clockworker - /workbench! Yeah, we'll probably add more to this rank at some point...

Quartermaster - /feed, /heal, /fireball

Captain - 6 rows of /pv, and EVEN MORE HOMES!

WingsOfEden - Ability to enable/disable mob hostility with /mt, and a wings trail!