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Donating is the easiest way to get a VIP rank, and helps keep the server up! All staff, including Owners, are volunteers, meaning donations go directly to funding the server's expenses. All actual donation perks are purely cosmetic. The VIP Rank-up Coupon received for donating is just an added bonus for every one-time $10 donation, and is available in-game during events and under other scenarios as well. Donating to the server offers you these cosmetic perks and these perks only. They do not include or exclude you from the privileges and punishments that other players receive. All prices in USD.


Pride and Punk 2024 Progress

Introducing a new Donation Event on Sky Eden: Pride and 'Punk 2024. Until July 31st, your donations will go to The Trevor Project and will count towards the donation goal. For more information, click the button below.

Normal Trails - $5 per pack

Head Pack Heart Trail Angry Trail Music Trail Fire Pack Pop Trail Lava Trail Fire Trail Thin Pack Water Trail Void Trail Enchant Trail Block Pack Snow Trail Sand Trail Slime Trail Hit Pack Hit Trail Crit Trail Hurt Trail Rainbow Pack Spell Trail Rainbow 1 Trail Rainbow 2 Trail Color Pack Green Trail Splash Trail Totem Trail Cloud Pack Breath Trail Dragon Trail White Magic Trail Smoke Pack End Rod Trail Black Smoke Trail Sparks Trail

Rain Trails - $10 per pack

Rain Trails come in tears, blood, diamond, gold, and nether wart, or you can get the rain trail builder ($15) for more customization!

Dimaond Rain Trail Tears Rain Trail

Wings Builder - $15

Want to really show off? Get the Wings Builder and really customize your fashion!

Angel Wings Trail Butterfly Wings Trail

Other Perks

Pets - Almost any mob in the game is obtainable! $5 for a passive mob, and $10 for a hostile mob! Any flying mob is not able to be obtained with donating (Chicken does not fly).

Utility Pack - $10 - Rotate through paintings with one click! Change your personal time and weather with /ptime and /pweather! /condense and /stack items in your inventory! If you break items with /stack, we are not obligated to fix them.

Fun Pack - $10 - Nickname yourself (/nick) and use color chat, custom colored signs, and /kittycannon! You cannot use dark or light red in your name or in chat.

2x Rune Coupons - $5 - 2 Donator Rune Coupons, which allow the Ethereal (Autorepair) enchantment!

Armor Stand Pack - $10 - Customize all of your armor stands with /ast!

Firework Pack - $5 - Customize fireworks easier with /firework!

Party Pack - $10 - Rainbow block trails, and /discofloor!

Redstone Pack - $5 - Wireless redstone lamps!

Skull Pack - $5 - Get playerheads and other heads with /skull!

Creative World Port - $5 - Port over one medium-sized build from the creative world with this coupon. Usually no bigger than 32x32. Staff can use their discretion to determine if it can/should be ported. Check with staff before purchasing.

Custom Tag - $2.50 - Get a custom tag in front of your name, including any ASCII characters!

Custom Hologram - $2.50 - Get your own fancy hologram, with up to five lines!

Custom Banner - $2.50 - Get a banner you wouldn't normally be able to craft in survival!

Custom NPC - $5 - Get your own customizable NPC with a few of its own lines!

McMMO Double XP - $5 - Double Server-wide McMMO xp for 7 days!

Double Vanilla XP - $5 - Double Server-wide Vanilla xp for 7 days!

Fly for a day - $2.50 - Everyone on the server gets /fly for a day!