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Golem_Leader - June 1st, 2023

Curious about voting and how it works? It's pretty simple, actually.

Every day, you will have a chance to vote on four different websites for our servers. They require you to put your username in. After voting, you have a chance to receive between 1 and 2 Voting Tokens. These tokens are then collected to use any one of the perks at /warp viplounge or can be used as a credit towards a VIP perk. Tokens can only be used to get up to a $5 perk. This means you cannot get anything that is a $10 or more perk, even if you have more than one $5 credit. This also means you cannot get Rank-up Coupons from voting, either.

The top voter of every month gets a Rune Coupon as well.

You can find all the links to vote in-game with /vote or at