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Mob Arenas

Golem_Leader - June 1st, 2023

Mob Arenas: fight mobs, earn prizes! It's that easy!

To join any Mob Arena, you can use either /warp [name of arena] and follow instructions from there, or go straight to /ma join [name of arena]. Be sure to clear some inventory space before going to the arena. The arena holds a separate inventory than your normal inventory, allowing you to choose between pre-made classes. That said, any prizes you get at the end of waves will still go to your normal inventory. If you don't have the inventory space, you don't get the prizes. Staff will not reimburse you.

YOU CAN MAKE A MOB ARENA! If you ever want to make one and have staff fill it with enemies, you can make your own and have it active if you have an official town!

Pillager Arena (pillagerarena)

The second fully-functional Arena! The first no longer exists, but the second one is just as good (if not better). Due to popular demand, we will probably be making another arena.