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Golem_Leader - June 1st, 2023

Due to complaints from both staff and players, we are no longer porting in the hubs each time we change a map. It's a laggy/crashy process, and can take multiple days. Therefore, we've come up with a permanent home for the hubs.

This does mean, however, we need some way to get to the hubs. Introducing Hub Markers! These markers work just like the hubs did previously; you look for their icon on the livemap and travel there to go questing. They are, however, labeled differently, as shown below.

At each Hub Marker is the way to actually get to the hubs. Many involve quests for certain characters, which will give you a Warp Orb. Right click with these orbs and teleport to the hubs! You can still do /warp [Hub] normally after you've completed that hub quest.

Hub Marker List:

WaterHub: Lighthouse

FireHub: Volcano

EarthHub: Great Oak

WindHub: Traveling City

SkyMoria: SkyMinia

FrostHub: Snow Fort

StarHub: Ancient Hand

The Rift: ??? (Find the Rift)