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The Celestial Ranks

Golem_Leader - June 1st, 2023

New Ranks, New Perks. But first, a Q&A.

Q: Why so many hours to get these ranks?

A: We didn't these to be rushed like so many other ranks are. For new players, it puts the ranks at priority #2 without having to worry about vital permissions.

Q: Should VIPs/People with VIP ranks go after the Celestial Ranks?

A: Absolutely! The Celestial ranks offer entirely different permissions than donator ranks do; you can't get the Celestial permissions without doing the quests! You will stay at your donator rank, and absorb the skills each new rank has.

Q: I am already past the GearHead rank! The egging skills from these ranks is useless to me!

It is up to you to decide if you want to go for these quests or not. These ranks are still in infancy; we may add and change skills they give. We will always let people know when those changes happen.

Epoch - 60 Hours of Ontime

You must also build a snow fort and fight blazes at FrostHub, accessed through the Snow Fort.

- Walk on ice!

- /oxygen

- Rabbit Pet!

- Rank tag! /tags

- Pig and Chicken egging!

Stargazer - 120 Hours of Ontime

You must also build a Stargazer Tower and visit StarHub, accessed through the Ancient Hand.

- Cool purple trail! /trails

- Cow and Sheep egging!

- Have a total of four homes (five if you include /home bed)!

- Rank-specific brews!

- A rune coupon!

Ascendant - 180 Hours of Ontime

??? (Find the Rift)

- Double jump!

- Mooshroom and Horse egging!

- A home at the luxurious Sky City!

- Combine elytra with a chestplate on an anvil! This will NOT work with runed items. It will delete runes on either item.

- A Rift sword and axe!

- A rune coupon!