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Aqua Eden

Golem_Leader - June 1st, 2023

Aqua Eden is a new world on the server. It brings us an extra source of fun and mystery! This is separate from both the creative world, normal world, and skywars world. This is Aqua Eden!

Aqua Eden has minigames. In fact, it has a lot of minigames! For a few years now, staff have been working to make fun, comprehensive minigames that offer you sweet gems for winning. Those gems, as explained shortly, can get you quite a few things.

Aqua Eden has quests. Run around and snag some loot just by doing what the world intends! Some quests are as easy as killing mobs for money; other quests may take a while.

Aqua Eden has sweet, sweet loot. Got lots of emeralds? Trade them in for some epic loot! Run around with the NPCs and get some neat books to enchant, or some worthy weapons to wield. Collect enough emeralds to buy an apartment at one of Aqua Eden's luxury towns, or trade them for something you can send back to the normal world...

Aqua Eden has lore. But that's for you to figure out.

And Solarum does not exist.

A list of the minigames:

- Boom Game

- Hide and Seek

- Spleef

- Hunger Games

- Bow PVP

- Kit PVP

- Mineshaft PVP

- Castle Wars

- Parkour

- Boat Race

- Paintball

- King Of The Hill