Donating is the easiest way to get a VIP rank, and keep the server alive! All staff, including Owners, are volunteers. The only money we get to pay the server's yearly rent is through donating. All actual donation perks are purely cosmetic. The VIP Rank-up Coupon received for donating is just an added bonus for every one-time $10 donation, and is available in-game during events as well. Donating to the server offers you these perks and these perks only. They do not include or exclude you from the privileges and punishments that other players receive. All prices in USD.

Non - Rain Trails - $5 per pack
Rain Trails - $10 per pack
Rain Trail Builder - $15
Wings Builder - $15


Rain Trails come in tears, blood, diamond, gold, and nether wart, or you can get the rain trail builder for more customization! Or, get the wings!


Other perks and permissions can be seen here.